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Norma Edelman of the Wedding Casa, Bridal Consultant for Rianne and Frank, married October 27, 2002 @ the La Jolla Women's Club emailed:


Thank you so much. I enjoyed the video, especially the bride doing the Latin dancing with her Uncle Joe. She looked so wonderful, but the high point was the toast her sweet husband gave to his parents about them being his heros. It was one of the greatest toasts I have ever heard. There was not a dry eye in the house. I'm so glad Rianne and Frank will have it saved for their children. You were a delight to work with.


Kristi and Billy, married October 5, 2002 @ the San Diego Mission emailed:

Hi Jim,

The video is awesome! You did a great job and I'm so happy the rehearsal is in there. Thanks Again.


Nicole Pagaling of Charmed Events, Bridal Consultant for Kristi and Billy also emailed:

Dear Jim,

I received the wedding video for Kristy & Billy. It was wonderful. I loved watching it. Thank you for sending me a copy. I look forward to working with you in the future. Have a great day.


Nicole Pagaling


Patty Thompson hired us to videotape her daughter Jennifer's wedding to Michael July 27, 2002 @ The Mission Bay Golf Course and later called to say:


I just wanted to let you know how much we are enjoying seeing Jennifer's wedding video. You captured the day wonderfully and do excellent work. They returned home in December and seeing the tape again made the holidays extra special. Thank you so much.



Teresa and Jeff, Married July 13, 2002 @ The Horton Grand Hotel emailed:

Hi Jim,

I just wanted to let you know how much we are enjoying the video. Jeff and I, as well as both our families have been very pleased. Thanks very much, you did a really great job!



Christina Norman, Professional Organizer, hired to create a memorial tribute for Effie emailed to tell us about the video we created:

Hi Jim,

The video was a great success. Dr. and Mrs. Thile and their families loved it! You do very good work. I will be sure to refer you to my other clients.

Thank Again Jim!


Kristie Bryant, Secretary for the San Diego Chapter of the Association of Bridal Consultants wrote and said:

Dear Jim,

On behalf of the San Diego ABC, would like to thank you so much for such a great video production, "Over 50 Great Wedding and Reception Locations in San Diego!"

It was beautifully done. I know all appreciated it. You made our city and its unique venues shine!

Thank You for all of the time and effort, again.


Lisa and Scott, married May 4, 2002 at Marina Village, emailed:


Hello this is Lisa.We received the video!! It turned out great!! You did a very good job!! I really liked how you showed everything from the rehearsal to the set up to the ceremony and reception. I didn't get to see the guests and groomsmen arriving and waiting on the day. That was nice to be able to see. Thank you so much for all your great work!!!


Scott and Lisa

Debbie and Ben, married March 9, 2002 at the San Diego Latter Day Saints Temple wrote:

The video was absolutely perfect! It was more than perfect! Thank you so much. It captured every detail we wanted to remember and more. Everyone loved it, and of course both of our mothers cried when they saw it. :) Ben and I really enjoyed working with you. You are very talented and have a great eye! Please let me know if I can be a reference to you, if you'd like. Thanks again Jim, it was exactly what we were hoping for!

Heidi and Steve, married February 23, 2002 at the First United Methodist Church with a reception on the Berkeley emailed:

Hi Jim!

We just got the video and it is incredible! I can't wait for our parents to see it!!!

Steve and I just watched our video again last night. It was like reliving the whole day over again! I love that you captured all the little details at the church and reception. Things that we did not even notice! We especially want to thank you for all the personal interviews that you did with our guests. It was such a great surprise because we did not even notice that you were doing the interviews that day! So, thanks again for giving us a DVD that we will forever cherish! You are amazing!!!

Our video is incredible! You captured everything we were hoping to see from our wedding and reception! We also appreciate your easy-going personality - you are easy to work with!


After receiving a copy of her daughter Heidi's wedding DVD, Susan wrote and said:


Thanks for doing such a fantastic job on the wedding video. I've watched it 4 times and I still cry. You captured the flowers, church, boat, the perfect day and the perfect couple, perfectly. Thanks again!


Maria and Ryan, married December 15, 2001 in Immaculate Conception Church with a reception in Marina Village emailed to say:

We just wanted to write and say that we are really pleased and happy with the final video. You did a really fabulous job! The editing was really well done. Thank you for using the second camera in the back of the church and for leaving in all of the important parts of the ceremony. It was great to be able to relive our wedding day and to laugh at our nervousness and anxiety as was apparent in the footage.

Thank you again for your terrific work. If you should need a reference, please feel free to use our names.

Ryan and Maria

Nicole and Tobias, Married November 10, 2001 at the Embassy Suites Hotel in Downtown San Diego emailed:

Hi Jim,

Thank you so much for everything. We loved the video. You did a wonderful job.

Nicole and Tobias

Sara and Greg, married October 21, 2001 at Calvary Chapel and the Thursday Club, wrote:


We actually received the video yesterday and watched it last night! It is amazing!!!!! We love it. Thank you so much for such a wonderful job! I cried about 20 times throughout the video because it was so wonderfully done. I love the music over the action of the video! It made it "not just another boring wedding video!" We are both so pleased and we will be recommending you to anyone we know who needs a video done!

Really amazing job...Thank you so much!

Sara and Greg

Sara email back later to say:

Hi Jim!

I happened to check back on your web site and wow...what a surprise to see parts of our video on there! Thanks so much for the honor of putting us on your web site! You did a wonderful job and we still enjoy watching the video! Thanks again for making us part of your web site and best of luck!


Amy and Paul, Married September 29, 2001 at the St. Francis Chapel and Casa Del Prado wrote:

Paul and I just want to thank you for doing such a beautiful job on our wedding video. It is amazing...exceeded all our expectations. Everyone was marvelling at how inconspicuous you were at the wedding and reception, yet you managed to capture every integral moment. Your style is so artistic...in short, it was absolutely perfect. At one time, we were considering not hiring a videographer - what a mistake that would have been! Thank you for creating a beautiful memory that we can relive forever!

Robin and Jason, married August 12, 2001 at The Thursday Club emailed:


Love the tape...all rave reviews from the parents and other relatives...actually, I need two more copies to be sent to my dad.

Thanks again for the wonderful video...you did an amazing job.

Robin and Jason

Michelle and Joseph, married July 14, 2001 at Zosa Ranch emailed to say:


Thank you very much, you really did such a good job. I appreciate your professionalism throughout the wedding and we just love how you put everything together. It helped up appreciate things that we missed and remember the whole day!

I would like to know how much extra copies would be. Please let me know.

Thank you,

Michelle and Joseph

Sara and John, May 5, 2001, married at Harbor Inn @ Smuggler Point emailed:


The video is excellent! We watched it Saturday night and loved it. You really captured the ceremony and the rest of the evening well. The best part about it was that you caught things that did not show up in the still photos, such as the fireworks. Quick camera work there! We will be in touch with you about ordering additional copies. Thanks for the great work!


Kelly and Eric, February 17, 2001, married at the Mission and the Admiral Kid Club emailed:

Hi Jim!

We just got home from our honeymoon on Sunday and the video was waiting for us. I sat down and watched both tapes yesterday and was thrilled with it! You did such a great job! I did not realize you interviewed people at the reception, but I loved hearing their well wishes! Thank you, thank you!!! Can I order extra copies?

Thanks again,


Kara and Bobby, January 6, 2001, married at the St. Francis Chapel and the Park Manor Hotel wrote:


Thank you so much for our wonderful wedding video!! It's perfect. We've already enjoyed it several times since it arrived this week! We're having a reception here this month and will be showing our video to our guests. We loved seeing all the "moments" again and are impressed with the variety of activities and interactions you skillfully captured! Thanks again, it was a pleasure!! All our best.

Kara and Bobby

P.S. Thanks for including the live organ music and the mariachis playing with my dad. It all turned out so well.

Erin and Darian, married November 4, 2000 at Rancho Bernardo Courtyard, email:

It's been a while since our wedding, but I wanted to thank you for the beautiful job you did on our wedding video. It is truly the highlight of our archived wedding memories. Of course, we've had to take it around to all the relatives!

If it's possible, I'd still like to order a few more videos for some family members.

Thank you again,


June, booking for Brookside Farms, received a complimentary copy of Elena and Eric's video, married there August 6, 2000 and emailed:

Dear Jim,

Thanks for sending us the copy of your lovely video of the recent wedding at Brookside. We have already used it to show a couple interested in having their wedding here. It sparked a lot of ideas in their minds and was a real help. Thanks so much. We're looking forward to having you out here again. You did a great job.


Laura and Geoff, July 25, 2000, married in their home in the Rancho Jamul Estates emailed:


I'm sorry I haven't written sooner to tell you how great the video is. It's absolutely perfect! Thank you so much for all your hard work.


Shannon and Bob, June 3, 2000 at the Marston Estate and the Park Manor Hotel wrote:


WOW! What an AWESOME Video!!! We wish you did the photography as well. You have such an artistic talent! everything is great. You really did a wonderful job - your attention to detail....buildings, earrings, informal conversations. Thanks to you, we also have great views of San Diego to take with us where ever we go. We cannot say enough about your talent. We've told everyone we know, "Wait until you see the video." Thank you! You are truly talented.

Shannon and Bob

Beverly Conte, owner of That Special Event and Bridal Consultant for Kristen and Lee, May 20, 2000 at the San Diego Mission and The Thursday Club wrote:

Thank you for sending me the video. They were very pleased with everything. I would be happy to refer your video services.

Thank You Again,


Keith and Cecile, May 22, 1999 at Rancho Buena Vista Adobe e-mailed:


The videotaping was wonderful. We loved how you went to everyone and asked them to say something. Cecile and I didn't get a chance to talk everyone or even see everyone so this helped complete our wedding experience. There was so much we didn't see and you were able to catch it all. Also, we couldn't believe some of the shots you got of us that we didn't realize you were around. You must have had your invisible cape on :)! We just wanted to tell you that we're happy you came.


Jennifer and Jason April 24, 1999 at The Thursday Club wrote:


We received the video yesterday. It was Fantastic! We appreciate the fact that you went above and beyond what we asked for. Your work is excellent and your attention to detail is obvious and very much appreciated. Even before we received the finished product, both Jason and I commented on how hard you worked. Out of all our vendors, you worked the hardest on our wedding day. Now seeing the result of your work, we are even more impressed. We will be happy to refer you to anyone who needs a videographer. If anyone should ask you for a reference, we'd be happy to talk to them.

Jennifer and Jason

Lynda and Tom, April 10, 1999 at the La Jolla Financial Building Patio said:

Hi Jim,

We got our video early last week. I think we've watched it more times than we care to admit since receiving it. We love what you did with it and really appreciate the extra work you did.


Cesar and Missy, March 13, 1999 at St. Mary Magdaline Church and Shelter Pointe Hotel and Marina e-mailed:

Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!!!!

U R Da Bomb!!!!


Thank You! You are the Best!!!! I just got done watching the video and it's awesome! the results were 1000 times better that what I could ever imagine!


P.S. You Blew My Mind!

Tamar and Mark February 21, 1999 at The Thursday Club wrote:

Hi Jim,

Saw the video this Friday. WOW! it is SO much more information than pictures can give and it is just unbelievable to have it. I'm so thrilled. I hope you realize that your job is not just "a job" - you make people immensely happy and emotional with the stuff you produce. After watching the video, I was floating for days.

Thanks Again So Much,


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